Hint Request: Theatre

Does anyone know how to get past the shadow blocking the way past the Orchestra Pit Cupboards? I’ve tried looking at the walkthrough which suggest using a camera, but there’s no mention of where the camera is and I’ve gone through the whole map trying to find it.



I just played Theatre last year, and I think I remember this (like, I’m 90% sure, but that’s not 100%, so apologies if I’m wrong) – the camera isn’t particularly hidden, so if you haven’t gotten it yet that indicates there’s also a location you haven’t found.

Slightly more direct hint:

Try poking around looking for places where secret passages are often concealed.

Explicit spoiler:

Try looking behind the painting in that balcony/landing area that I think is right above the lobby.

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Thanks! I’d tried checking behind the portrait earlier on in the game as there was clearly something up with it–but I can’t seem to move, look behind, push, or take it from the wall, so I’m still stumped on this one.

Oh, just went back and double checked - try OPEN DOOR.

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Sorry. I don’t have an answer. But it warms my heart to know that you are playing the first IF game that I played after Infocom. I found it in 2000. I never finished it. But it’s always held a special place.


That’s it! I knew there was something there. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

It’s a fun little game! I played some of the Infocom games ages back but I needed something to get the hang of IF again before taking going back to them. Definitely worth giving another shot (and with Mike’s help, finishing it) :slight_smile: