Hint Request: The Legend of Horse Girl

Need a push in the right direction with these three items:

1. Bezoars - where to find or how to make them? My idea was chili + mule = bezoars, but can’t make that work.

2. How to collect cactus water? My idea was to cut cactus with saber, saw it with saw, dig it with various items, but nothing worked.

3. Where to find or how to make tar? I think spitoon might be part of tar making process, but didn’t accomplish much with that.


Some of these gave me trouble too, I had to go to the source! Here’s how to get the coffin varnish:

You don’t have to make the coffin varnish yourself. Just give the ingredients to La Muerte as you get them. (Yes, that means you could have just picked up the spittoon and handed it to her. I slapped my forehead.)

The saber is what you use on the cactus; the right phrasing may be included in the ‘help’ message. Just pick the juice up, you don’t need a vessel to carry it in.

There’s a lot of steps to getting the bezoar! I don’t know how far you are with each of the steps but here’s the basic idea:

The grave keeper is a lycanthrope. If you show her the moon, she’ll turn into a cat with a hairball stuck in her throat. You’ll need to get her some grass to eat so she’ll cough it up.

More detailed instructions here, separated to avoid spoiling too much:

To transform her, get the star chart from the medicine wagon and use it on her.

To get the hairball, you’ll need the tumbleweed in the canyon. To get that you’ll need two things: the guitar in the safe and the wax cylinder that teaches guitar.

To get the guitar out of the safe, you need Gabby’s dynamite and Lucky’s pipe.

To get the wax cylinder, use the magnetic ore in the mine to turn your horseshoe into a magnet. Use it on the teletype in the post office to get the undelivered package. Play it on the victrola in the church to learn the song, then play the song for the tumbleweed.

Enjoy your bezoar! I like mine with a little chili lime.


Thank you!!

I figured where I made an error with cactus…

I used command CUT CACTUS, and it should be CUT CACTUS WITH SABER. Response to CUT CACTUS command is unusually misleading for this game - “Cutting it up would achieve little”.

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Another item I can’t find and I think it’s important…

Where to find or how to make a rope?

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Have you met the Hangin’ Judge yet? Clue’s in the name!


Thank you!

Totally missed this detail. Tried many things with him and missed it. :facepalm:


Hijacking this thread since I’m stuck further along in the game -

Anyone know how to solve the lamp puzzle?

This is a lateral thinking puzzle.

A mild hint: examine every item you have

It cannot be solved right when you first encounter it, too.

The earliest you can obtain the item to solve it is:

After defeating the first McReddy (?) brother

Complete spoiler:

You have to give the miner some carrots


Thanks so much!