[Hint Request] Shadow in the Cathedral

I’m pretty sure I have to make tea for abbot in the library so I can steal his keys.
I have a teacup and tea leaves, but I have to fill the unmovable kettle with water and I have no idea how.

Which version are you playing? If you bought the game from Textfyre, you should have hints included. Or are you playing online?

David C.

I bought the Glux version. Version number 1.2.20091119
I type hint and hints and only get “That’s not a verb I recognize.”
I’m using gluxe, if that makes any difference.

Within the package you downloaded, there should be a file called ShadowHints.html. Open that (in a browser) and that will give you the hints system.

David C.

Oh. Thank you for the help.

Hmm. My version is 1.0.20091105Std, I was not aware there was a newer version out. May I ask where I can get that version?

I’ll send a new download link later today.


Brilliant, thanks!