[hint request] Mystery House Possessed

Maybe more of a general query. SPOILERS MAY BE AHEAD

Is it actually possible to find the necklace?

I generally have no problem determining the killer but can not find any way to stop said killer from killing people. So most playthroughs I completely ignore all the dying in order to get the paw and the homunculus before people start dying. But then what?

EDIT: I figured out how the paw works. You can kiss it once and whoever you’re with will start liking you (I think?). But only if they aren’t the killer.

With the homunculus, I get that I can eat the pickle to gain foresight, but do I need to care about the homunculus itself or is it just supposed to be Elise who was transformed?

I’ve found the recipe, I’ve found the secret in the attic, I’ve smashed everything that is smashable (as far as I can tell) with the sledgehammer including the drywall, the fireplace, all the statues and mirrors, the vase, the jar, the grandfather clock.
EDIT: Also figured out how to get the heart out of the grandfather clock but I tried squeezing it in front of everyone and nothing happened. I noticed if I squeeze it three times I die. Not sure what else it’s supposed to do: never any freedom unless I squeeze the heart and make them all be still?

If you have clues as to how to find the necklace they would be much appreciated.

(offtopic wordplay)

Emily Short isn’t dead; how is she possessing a house?

Maybe she bought it?

Or simply has a degree of control over it.

I’m stuck at the same point as the OP, if anyone could help? It’s driving me crazy and I’d like not to spend any more time on this if it’s futile.

So… is the necklace present? Can I get a hint as to where, if so?

Also, is there any way to disable the killer without ending the game?