Hint Request for Midnight at Al's

I can put the key, the padlock, and the bag of salt into the elevator while in the downstairs office, but they don’t stay there. When I go back up and call the elevator, it’s empty and the items are back in the room downstairs. Is this part of the game that I have to figure out, or is it a bug?

Not a bug! :grinning:

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Thanks! I’ve tried so many buggy games that I’m low on patience for anything that might be a bug. Will return to it.

Well, now I’m stuck in the elevator and I can’t get out. I think that’s it for me.

I did the same, but according to the author you should be able to exit elevator.

EDIT. You can also bypass the whole handling of the elevator and the padlocks with solve elevator.

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I’ll come back to it later in the month. I had a bad run of several buggy games and I just want something that plays smoothly.


It is a bug that you can’t exit the elevator in the vestibule, and unfortunately my suggested alternate command won’t work either.

It is fixed thanks to Henrik’s kind reporting, but I haven’t uploaded the update because I don’t want to break any existing save files yet.

However, you can play the entire game to any ending without actually entering the elevator.


I was actually enjoying the game’s setup, Thomas. Everybody’s game has quirks, mine included. I’m just hypersensitive to bug frustration right now after playing a few unplayably buggy games in the comp. Had me a little snit, but that’s not helpful and I meant no disrespect to your game!

Hah, no worries. I use a bunch of scripted testing to make sure that (for example) none of the ending paths break. But somehow it never occurred to me that anyone would go in the elevator, so I only tested that you couldn’t lock yourself in by closing the door.


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For what it’s worth, I’ve just finished ‘Midnight at Al’s’ and really enjoyed it. I got stuck at the elevator too (but never thought to enter it) and resorted to the HINT command. It was only then that I discovered that if you play the online version, you can get some html hints. (You should provide these as a separate download.) Anyway, these gave me the hint I needed and it was one of those head slapping “Oh, why didn’t I think of that!” moments. I still had trouble until I realised that you can get an extra aluminum key from the break room.

There were a few typos and I got stung by the American spelling a couple of times (aluminum vs aluminium and catalog vs catalogue). There were also a couple of state changes that could do with better hinting, e.g. when the seance room magically became accessible. Other than that, nice game.


I was stumped for a minute on that same part, then once I figured it out it felt like such a clean, straightforward solution - nice puzzle design, that!