Hint request: Endless, Nameless

Hello all,

I’m trying to play through Endless, Nameless ten years after its release. I’m either running into an inventory puzzle that is harder than I’m grasping or making a really obvious and embarrassing mistake, but:

In order to get over the labyrinth, I understand I have to OVIDIO MARLIN FROM MACKEREL at the right location, in order to make a roc pick it (and me) up. However, in order to do it I have to be holding the wand, the marlin, and the mackerel at the same time. and the game tells me this is impossible. I have put all other objects in my pocket, worn the shield, and put the sword in my belt, but I cannot simultaneously hold these three objects.

Am I overlooking something obvious or making a mistake? I was surprised that I couldn’t find a direct step-by-step walkthough anywhere. IMDB has a hint file which generally describes most puzzles and even hints at this action requiring some inventory management… but I’m not sure exactly how to make this work.

Thank you!


I may be wrong, but I believe that objects in your pockets ‘count’ as available for the spell. Have you tried fighting the smaller object in your pockets?

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Thanks for the response - unfortunately, no, if I try it in that fashion the game says “You aren’t holding the [object]!” Then if I try to take it out, I’m told my hands are already to full. But I’m holding only the other object and the wand.

I’ve noticed that the gold is listed as being in your “main” inventory and is never listed in the contents of your pocket per se. But it also indicates it’s already there if you try to move it, and you can’t drop it, so I’m assuming that it doesn’t count against the number/weight of items I’m holding.


I just tried replaying through the whole game (you’re far, it’s taken me over an hour!)

The magic lasts in your blood longer than one turn, enough time to put your wand in your pocket and grab something else.


That worked - thanks for holding my hand through that and I hope you enjoyed the replay! :blush:


It was a lot of fun! I’ve been meaning to replay, and I was happy to be reminded how nice the colors and fancy parts of the game are. It’s on my Top 10 list.