Hint request.. Dangerous curves

How do i “lean hard” on the stripper? I have the marlboro cigarette butt and The lipstick, and found out about larry and the jaguar, but she won’t admit anything.

Hello to everybody, I’m new.

I was looking for hints about this beautiful game but the only thing I could find was this old post… basically I am stuck at the same point of Mitsey: I have the lipstick tube, the Marlboro butt, I broke in the estate office and found the files about Carlotta’s land tracts but I don’t really know what else to do… I can’t find Larry and the stripper, the mayor and his secretary laugh at my accuses. :cry:

I searched the web and I couldn’t find any complete walkthrough for Dangerous Curves: I promise that I will create one if I’ll be able to beat the game! :wink:

Sorry for not being more precise, I played the game to compeltion too long ago and memory fails, but I do remember there’s a hint system in the game, have you found it? Did it help you? It involves the cinema.

Thanks for the reply, Peter!

Yes, I went to the cinema and the tip is a generical “lean hard” on the stripper"… but HOW? :frowning:

I found this really interesting looking page:


In particular, the section about the stripper says you need to ask the stripper about the Jaguar, show the items you have to the stripper, and then “accuse stripper”. I guess that’s what “lean hard” means.

What a curious page! Thanks for sharing!

Yes, I found it too but seems to cover only the first part of the game… I couldn’t find any other walktrough.

Lean hard was SO confusing. basically you need to ask a lot more questions and tell people things. tell the stripper about larry. tell the stripper about ray (in the jail) tell the stripper about the jag. and then accuse her. and when she hides. wait for her and tell her more. then ask her about the jag again. show her the marlboro again. ask where is larry

Once I realized i needed to tell more stuff, the rest sailed by.