Hint request: Cliff Diver; Crime to the Ninth

I’m trying to keep my parser-skills sharp in between Spring Thing-games, but this one puzzle requires too much author’s mind reading.

I’m on the 7th floor. I found a room with a key-making machine. In it is a broken key form or template. I have glue in a bottle but the game does not respond to any verb I try. (GLUE, SPREAD GLUE ON, PUT GLUE ON,…) Pushing the button of the machine does not give a helpful nudge.

There’s a downloadable pop-up hintfile on the IFDB-page, but I have no idea how to read or install it. The walkthrough on that page is not much help.

Could someone here help me out, be it with a hint, a link to a better walkthrough (believe me, I’ve tried…) or a way to read the pop-up hint file?