[hint request] Calm Ending (looking for other people)

I’m at the end of Calm having chosen the quest where you are looking to find other people.

I’ve talked to the Queen and reached the lab.

At this point I’ve been able to find a few different endings stemming directly from the last conversation but it seems to me that there should be another possible ending that I can’t find.

I’d like to incapacitate Jorge, steal the dossier, and return it to the Queen.

But nothing I do seems to take Jorge down. I’ve tried hitting him with the tyre iron and stabbing him with the adrenaline shot, but everything bounces off.

Is there a way to do what I want?

Unfortunately, you can’t incapacitate Jorge. You only need to take the dossier and go south to get that ending.

Ah, OK.

I wasn’t sure if there was another extended ending (opened up by having gathered the adrenaline shot) in which I actually guide my way back to the Queen.

That would be neat. If there is ever another version, then the endings would be extended somewhat.