[hint request] Axe of Kolt -- leaving Hengemire

I found Magor, and he sent me to go kill the sorceress Galhexia. I wasn’t able to get in many questions before Magor kicked me out of his tower, but he said that I could get to the Direwood Forest from Chaldon.

I’m guessing Chaldon is east of Hengemire, because it’s not listed on the sign at the crossroads, and I can’t really go in any direction other than back east to Hengemire from there.

So, I think the real problem is finding a way to travel east on the road without getting killed by bandits. Magor gives me money to spend. Perhaps there’s a way to buy a weapon. However, I can’t figure out how to buy a weapon. The only thing I can successfully buy is an oil lamp.

So, any hints and/or spoilers for how to arm myself in order to get past the bandings, or how to find Chaldon/Direwood Forest would be welcome


You don’t take the road out of Hengemire. You’ll have to find another route.

Talk to Arabella in the Dragonslayer’s Arms, she will also answer questions that will give you clues how you initially get to Chaldon.