Hint needed Locked Door IV

I am playing the upgrading Locked Door Saga by Cody Gaisser. This is an original idea: A next chapter is developed oversizing the previous one, so you can understand why I am asking fpr help. After completting chapters 1 to 3, I can continue becouse all chapters (4 - 9 by now) leads to the same stuck point.

I have to open the safe.
I am STUCK In the library and cant reach the upside disordered shelf. I don’t know how to use the step ladder.
By now I don’t know where the sledgehammer is to be used


Edit: dislexic typography.

Drop ladder. Get on ladder. X shelf

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Ok, now oppening the safe:

Description of the safe Safe=dial
Lock can’t be examined
How can I unlock the safe?

spin dial to [the number you found in the library]

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Spin…, no turn, set…
And get on, not climb, climb up,etc.

Well, ahead in the serie, in chapter VI: It takes two, I have founded 2 strage problems:

I cant open the crate with the crowbar, the crate is nailed (wasn’t it nailed in earlier chapters?) and…
… the filmsy door is closed and I don’t know how to open it.

I think this should work…

pry crate with crowbar

hit door with hammer

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It is a long fight against deaf parser.

In the previous chapter worked take key ( from inside the crack), now it doesn’ work ( neither open crate with crowbar as comented before…)

grab key with grabber

As you can see Cody I think this serie of games lack of playability ( inmersive is broken) becouse that lack of sinonimous.
You have to be in mind that I am from spain and my english is simple.

The acceptable commands change a bit from version to version.

Early versions didn’t accept many synonyms at all, but “open” and “take” were actually TOO EFFECTIVE (all sorts of unintended things were possible because of those commands) so at some point I had to make them a little less useful. At the same time, the list of synonyms that are allowed has been growing all along. I’ll take a look at the grabber tool and see if I can’t improve how it works.