Hint Needed for The Incredibly Mild Misadventures of Tom Trundle

I reached the spot that I think is close to end. But now I need soda can (or poplicious can) and don’t know how to get one. There is soda machine, but can’t get the can out of it. Maybe there is some other can hidden somewhere or there is a way to take can from machine. Any help much appreciated.

Oh man, this was tricky. Hints in increasing order of spoiler-ness:

  1. The can you need is indeed in the machine, so you’re on the right track.

  2. It’s not so much the what as the when that’s tricky here.

  3. You’ve never had much luck getting a can out when kicking the machine, but maybe someone else has the knack?

  4. They’d need to be inclined to do you a favor first, though.

  5. Have you managed to make Ulmer sad? If not, there’s something you can show him that will remind him of his daughter.

  6. Specifically, it’s the Star Wars card you find in the book left in the detention room.

  7. Have you managed to cheer Ulmer up? If not, maybe something that works for you when you’re feeling down would work for him, too.

  8. Specifically, you can play your guitar for him.

  9. Now all you should need to do is KICK SODA.

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Thank you for this!!

I tried with PUSH SODA while Ulmer is in Study, but since it said I shouldn’t do that because Ulmer will see me, I didn’t tried other verbs but focused on trying to remove Ulmer from Study. Luckily I wasn’t successfull in that :slight_smile:

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I’m needing a hint to get past the football stadium. I’ve got 120 points. Need to get into the room at the top of the bleachers. This is the first time in the game I’ve looked at the walk through, which mentions a “controller”, but I haven’t seen one anywhere in the game.

Oh, this puzzle — the controller is somewhere a little closer to home, though not in the open.

If you need the explicit solution: it’s in the chair in your home, though I believe you need to sit in it rather than search it.


Thanks. I got it with the first hint. Didn’t need to unblur the second. But holy cow, that’s not a very well clued puzzle.

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I’m stuck at 230 points, and I’m in the kitchen. The walkthrough says I need a pretzel, but there’s no previous mention of said object anywhere in the walkthrough, and I can’t see where I would have acquired one before then.

In increasing order of spoileriness:

1: It’s more a question of “from whom” than “where.”
2: Someone who might have a national affiliation with pretzels.
3: Basically you need to do Ziggy a solid.
4: …after having done him rather the worse.
5: Give him back his keys.


Thanks! At first giving him back his keys didn’t work, but a closer read of the walkthrough indicated that I hadn’t yet used the sawhorse to block the gym door from closing. Once I did that, I was able to take advantage of your hint. Thanks again!

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Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot that was a pre-requisite for being able to do that!

No worries - and thanks once more for the hints! I’d still be stuck without them. :slight_smile: