"Himself" or "herself" or "itself"


I am using Inform 7 and trying to find a substitution in the form of [him] or [himself] that returns with the correct gender for persons (male/female) and inanimate things (neuter). How do I do it?

So far, I have come up with this chatty solution:

else if target is a man: say "Perhaps [target] can prove himself useful."; else if target is a woman: say "Perhaps [target] can prove herself useful."; else: say "Perhaps [target] can prove itself useful."

I am sure there is a simpler way to go with it…

Many thanks,

I believe the token you want is [themselves].

Yes! Thanks so much!

Inform uses “we” (for the player) and “they” (for other characters and objects) because they’re unambiguous: “you” and “it” for example could be either subject or object, but “we/us” and “they/them” specify which form is meant.