Hiding spoilers


Is there a better way to hide spoilers/clues/hints here on the forum? The idea of inserting “spoiler spaces” here doesn’t look that good here (at least to me).

On some forums (e.g., the AGS forums), they have a method of hiding clues (putting the hints text inside something like [hide][/hide] tags) on posts. Do we have something like that here?


There might be something in an updated version of PHPBB3. Unfortunately, they don’t support this early beta, and I can find no good way to update to a supported version without starting over and losing (or archiving) all the posts. So in a word, no. I don’t think there’s a way to embed a collapsable layer/div or anything like that. Sorry.

Re: upgrading the forum, I remember you were talking ages ago about maybe writing your own custom upgrade script. Was it just too complicated to make work? (Running the forum using an ancient beta version for the rest of its life seems like a really, really bad idea.)

Does PHPbb keep old versions available for download? If so, is there a possibility you could just do a lot of progressive upgrades until you get to a workable version?

When I asked in the phpBB forum, the one person who responded (right before locking the thread so nobody else could respond) hinted that this is how he did it. I don’t know for sure if each version is available, but presumably it would be possible.

I’ve just never had time to write my own update. Long work hours and IFComp playing/reviewing has pretty much taken all my time. And I’m not sure how drastic the changes in structure might be. I could redefine the board and all its settings – even require people to sign up again (which appears to be mandatory as of one of the earlier release candidates) – if only there was a good way to keep the messages and attribute them to the correct users.

I just haven’t wanted to mess with it, though I agree sticking with an old beta forever is a bad idea.

What was that about? Hardly sounds like a friendly, helpful community.

They don’t support the betas, and don’t want people asking for help with the betas in the forum. I didn’t really thing it was an off-topic question when I posted it – just wanted to see if anybody could point me in the right direction. Also, an earlier post had left it up in the air as to whether or not there would be imports for the beta version. That’s mainly why I asked.

I wish the topic hadn’t been locked, but I supposed if somebody came across my post and had a solution, they could just as easily have emailed or PM’s me.

I just checked, and the SourceForge archives go back to 3.0 Beta 1, but they don’t all seem to have upgrade scripts available.

What version are we on? I could have a look at the code for you sometime this month or the next, if you like.

We’re on 3.0 Beta 1. :slight_smile:

As Merk said, we should be on Beta 1 - maybe 2. We do have a tiny bit of self-developed code in here, but I’m willing to forego that for getting in sync with the latest release - I think it’s RC7.

However, since I don’t speak SQL quite well enough to be able to manage the upgrade, and Merk hasn’t had the time, I’d be glad if you could find someway to handle it. :slight_smile:

Well, I can’t promise anything, since my PHP/SQL is rather rusty these days, but I’ll take a look.

What database are you running, MySQL?

Yep. MySql 5, I think.

And PHP 4? 5?

You know, I think I’m thinking of my other server. This one is Fedora 4, PHP4, and MySQL4.