Hiding "containers" in room names...

Someone please refresh my memory, as I know I’ve seen a post about this, but can’t seem to find it…

I wanna kill the parenthetical beside the room name when you’re inside of a container (ie in a bed.) While I’m sure it may be good practice, and probably even useful, to be told:

The Bedroom (in your bed)

I’d just as soon the last part of that not be there.

I found the post about the Room Description Headings extension, which does the job. Just seems like kind of a heavy hammer. I don’t know that I want an entire extension just to hide these few little words.

Anyone have a “Plan B” that doesn’t involve modifying the standard rules?

Sure. Make yourself a copy of the room description headings rule with a new name, replace the old one with it, and change it to do what you want:

Carry out looking (this is the room description heading rule): say bold type; if the visibility level count is 0: begin the printing the name of a dark room activity; if handling the printing the name of a dark room activity, issue miscellaneous library message number 71; end the printing the name of a dark room activity; otherwise if the visibility ceiling is the location: say "[visibility ceiling]"; otherwise: say "[The visibility ceiling]"; say roman type; let intermediate level be the visibility-holder of the actor; repeat with intermediate level count running from 2 to the visibility level count: issue library message looking action number 8 for the intermediate level; let the intermediate level be the visibility-holder of the intermediate level; say line break; say run paragraph on with special look spacing.

Without delving any deeper, I would guess that library message looking action number 8 is what prints the offending text. If you’re lucky, you may get away with simply changing that message using Ron Newcomb’s Default Messages.

Thanks, sir. I was hoping to just be able to override that rule without re-writing it or without having to use an extension for it. The Room Description Headings extension will remove the parenthetical, but it also does some other things that I’ve no use for, so it’s really a waste of memory.

I don’t want to rewrite the rule that fires the message. I’m going to poke around on Mr. Newcomb’s extension. There might be some other things I’d like to use it for, so if it will do the job, it might be a better option.

Thanks again.

So the Default Messages extension will allow you to override this:

Table of custom library messages (continued)
library-action		library-message-id			library-message-text
looking action		8						" "

Easy enough.

I hadn’t planned on rewriting some of the other messages, but since I have to have the extension installed anyway, I may as well.