hide things in item list

Hi everyone! in my IF I need to remove doors from items list in the description of rooms: for example

I wrote that te printed name of every door is “door”, so it write:

how can I do to hide those 4 “a door” in the item list?
thank you in advance! Bye!

Make them scenery. See chapter 3.8.

You can make doors scenery but make sure you add them to the room description, otherwise, the player won’t know of their existence.

The other option would be to use the initial appearance text to describe immovable objects in a manner that feels like part of the room description instead of the parser rattling it off in a list.

[code]Room One is a room. “This is a rather nondescript room.”

a sofa is a supporter in Room One. It is enterable. “A comfy sofa is here.”

Room Two is a room. “This room is even more nondescript.”

a plain wooden door is a door. It is north of room one and south of room two. “A plain wooden door leads to the [direction of plain wooden door from the location].”[/code]

This will still work if you need “The printed name of a door is usually ‘door’.” but if you give your doors more descriptive names you won’t have a problem. When an object has an initial appearance, the parser uses that and doesn’t include it in the “you can also see…” list. I suspect you were naming them “north door” “south door” which isn’t a good idea since it’s syntactically confusing to the parser and to the player when the other side of “n door” actually leads south.

You can also use the initial appearance description for portable objects - “Someone has discarded a piece of chewing gum on the floor.” but it retains the initial appearance only until the player picks it up and drops it again, which is handy - if the object ends up somewhere else “You can also see some chewing gum here.”

Making the printed name of every door “door” leads to confusing responses if you have two doors in a room and the player types OPEN DOOR- the parser would say “Which do you mean? The door, or the door?” and the player has no clue how to specify.

Giving your doors (and every object) a unique adjective makes automatic disambiguation less of a hassle: “Do you mean the blue door or the battered door?” to which the player can respond BLUE.

Ok I made each door a scenery and it works, thak you both!

but if I have to hide a normal, portable object in the list is there a way or not? I tried writing this but I don’t like it too much:

Before listing nondescript items:
	now item1 is a scenery;

After listing nondescript items:
	now item1 is not a scenery;

it works, but I have to write every single item I want to hide, and if I want to hide it at the beginning but to show it at the middle of the fiction, it becomes a problem…

I tried to add the property listed and unlisted so whenever I want I can say “now [item] is unlisted” and voilà

A thing can be listed or unlisted. A thing is usually listed.

Before listing nondescript items:
	now unlisted things are sceneries;

After listing nondescript items:
	now unlisted things are not a sceneries;

but inform doesn’t like this…
How can I do?

I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing with the “listed” property, but objects already have a property “described” or “undescribed” that can be changed at will.

yeeeees that’s much easier!!! thank you very very much man!