Hidden Items Extension Error

I am an Inform7 newbie.

I installed Hidden Items extension and added to the top of my source code: Include Hidden Items by Krister Fundin.

Later in the code I wrote: Malchus is hidden in Clay Chamber.

I got the following Inform7 error, and I don’t know if its really a problem with the extension or with my coding:

In Chapter 4 - Hiding and revealing in the extension Hidden Items by Krister Fundin:
Problem. You wrote ‘change the original location of T to the holder of T’ : but this is a phrase which I don’t recognise, possibly because it is one you meant to define but never got round to, or because the wording is wrong (see the Phrasebook section of the Index to check). Alternatively, it may be that the text immediately previous to this was a definition whose ending, normally a full stop, is missing?

Please advise.

Hidden Items is an extension that works with older versions of Inform. In more recent versions the “change… to…” formulation has been removed in favor of “now… is…”

On a quick scan of the Hidden Items source code, the only issues it would have are this one and “remove T from play,” which is another deprecated syntax. If you change the very last two lines of the extension code to:

now the original location of T is the holder of T; now T is nowhere.

I think it will compile. (I can’t vouch for the I6 part about surreptitiously removing things, but it looks just like something in the Standard Rules I was just looking at.)

And yes, it’s unfortunate that the extensions site on the Inform 7 website is mostly a repository for old versions of extensions! More current versions can be found in the Public Library that is accessible through the IDE, and at this relatively new extension site, and at this GitHub site, and other places. Sometimes if you want to find an updated extension the best thing to do may be to ask here!

Yes, that worked great. Thank for the recode and the fast response.

Since you suggested it, is there another more update extension or a better way to code for hidden items?

Thank you.

Well, as the extension documentation suggests, what people generally do is move the objects in and out of play as needed. (Except for doors, which can’t be moved like that; if you want to move doors, you should try the Easy Doors extension by Hanon Ondricek, which I believe is in the Public Library.) If you want to use an extension the updated version of this should be fine, if it’s working for you! I don’t believe anyone has updated it.