Hi all

Just wanted to say hello – just made an account.

Some relevant bits about me: the first game I ever bought was Zork, which I played on my IIc. I played most all of the infocom games, even well after they started adding graphics (want some rye? course you do!). Then a long hiatus from IF, dropping back in in 2001 or so. I’ve been voting in the ifcomps since soon after that. Last year I finally messed around with creating a game using inform. I think I’m going to get a little more serious about that now. I’m finding all the discussion about parser vs. non IF fascinating, and I sure wish I’d been chatting with you guys for the last 20 years.

Thanks for having me.

Welcome aboard!

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forums! We’re always happy to have newcomers.

Welcome. Nobody here bites. hard.

Just kidding. I am new to IF myself. I only started playing within the past year. I started making them not long after and have yet to participate in any kind of competition.