Help with Timing and Scenes Please!

I am writing an IF for a class. Our game takes place during WWII and focuses on the dropping of the atomic bomb. We are having the pre-bomb setting in a schoolhouse, then scene II will be after the bomb. I’m having trouble with the timing of the bomb dropping, then moving onto a new scene post bomb. Here is a sample of what we have for this section:

At 8:15 AM: say “A flash of light and a loud boom comes.”

Section II

Post Bomb School is a scene. Post Bomb School begins at 8:15 AM. When Post Bomb School begins:
move the player to the Collapsed Schoolhouse;
say “Something has happened. Everything is destroyed. You are confused and afraid.”

The Collapsed Schoolhouse is a room.

This is what inform tells me: In Section II:
Problem. You wrote ‘Post Bomb School begins at 8:15 AM’ : but I can’t find a verb here that I know how to deal with, so I am ignoring this sentence altogether.

Any suggestions? Anything would be very helpful! Thanks!

Untested, but shouldn’t that be something like “Post Bomb School begins when the time of day is 8:15 AM.”? In the chapter on scenes, scenes are always started with “begins when”; and in the section on times (section 9.6 of the manual), we always call “time of day”, not just a time.

The phrasing you’re looking for is “Post Bomb School begins when the time of day is 8:15 AM.”