Help With Tables

Could someone help me get Inform to recognize my table? This is my code:

[code]“Ribbon Drive Reminisce” by Rosie Edelson

The Infinite Moment is a room. “The Infinite Moment is not in fact an infinite moment, but it is a reasonably roomy forest green car with five ugly, falling apart fabric seats. The name was supposed to be for your band, but the musical talent never really manifested. ‘And in that moment I swear we were infinite’… man, [italic type]The Perks of Being a Wallflower[roman type] was such a great book. Still is, you suppose. [line break]Anyway, here you are, wherever you are. The open road is the open road, wherever it may be found.” Understand “car” as the Infinite Moment.
The cooler is in the Infinite Moment. The description of the cooler is “A battered but serviceable red cooler.”
The CD holder is in the Infinite Moment. Understand “holder” as the CD holder. The description of the CD Holder is “A black felt CD holder with slits for CDs. It contains [list of disks in the CD Holder].” A disk is a kind of thing. The CD Holder can only contain disks.
James Taylor is a disk. The printed name of James Taylor is “James Taylor’s Greatest Hits Volume 1”. James Taylor is in the CD Holder.
Part 1 - I’m Yours
The player is in the car. Sarah is in the car. Sarah is a woman.
After asking or telling Sarah about a topic listed in Table 1, say “[reply entry]”.
Table 1
topic reply
“me” “She laughs. ‘I know you too well already, silly.’”
“you” “‘Aw, you flatter me.’”
“Sarah” “‘Aw, you flatter me.’”
“Infinite Moment” “‘Yeah, it’s a cute old car I guess. I still don’t get the name.’”[/code]
Every time I try to compile it gives me this:

Any ideas? Thanks!

You need a blank line before and after a table.

Problem fixed, thank you!