Help with storytelling and some ideas.

I’we just started with IF, and I think it’s quite interesting. Since my native language is Swedish I would like some help in writing, or at least correcting, and suggestions on how to make the text more “living”.

The plot of the story is set, but I haven’t filled out everything from start to finish, so any good ideas will be welcome. The whole idea is that the reader will build up a picture, which will totally change when the last piece of the puzze is revealed.

I haven’t started writing the text, so there is nothing to share right now, except for the plot.

Probably I will need some help in coding specific tasks further on in the project, but I don’t want to take out all the fun of it just yet :wink:

/Marcus Blass

Well, I’m a professional editor in real life, so if you need any help, I’d be happy to look it over.


I’d be happy to help out with story, writing, or whatever.