Help With Scroll Thief

Hello all.
I’ve been playing Scroll Thief recently, and I’ve gotten stuck. I have done the following:

[]gotten the gnusto, frotz, rezrov, lesoch and blorb spells[/]
[]opened the secret tunnel in the closet[/]
[]gotten a view of the clean room[/]
[]taken care of the security system[/]
[]Summoned the adventurer and librarian[/]

I am having trouble doing the following:

[]opening the door to the southeast of the antechamber[/]
[]getting the yonk, izyuk, culkad and blorple spells[/]
[]For some reason, the adventurer no longer obeys after I cast the serage spell again, thus I am unable to find the vent in the clean room.[/]

Any help with these puzzles would be appreciated.


What’s going on with the Adventurer currently? That might be a bug; the serage spell should continue working (and the Adventurer should continue obeying your orders) until after you’ve found the vent. Would you mind sending me a partial transcript?

Apart from that, you’re doing everything right; using the vent in the Clean Room is the next step to get any of the spells you mention.

Greetings Daniel, thanks for responding.

I figured out what my problem with the adventurer was; I did not phrase my commands properly.
I’ve discovered the vent and got a palantir into the clean room, and I’ve also gotten the storage door open.
I am still unable to find the magical objects in the clean room, nor am I able to zifmia (let alone talk to) the adventurer. (Probably because I gave him the red sphere and placed the blue sphere into the vent.)

(BTW, thanks for creating this wonderfully perplexing puzzle fest. I haven’t played an IF game that has challenged me so much in years. :smiley:)

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You should be able to get the Adventurer back: go to the top of the stairs (north twice from the main room of the library) and he should hear you from there. Then you can take the red sphere from him and use it to see into the clean room.

Though also, please do tell me what you were trying that wasn’t working! If reasonable commands were failing, I still consider that a bug.

And I’m very glad you’re enjoying it! I first got into IF through Colossal Cave and the early Infocom works, so I’ve always had a soft spot for modern puzzlefests. I’m glad it appeals to others too!


Is this invisiclues page still up to date?

Those clues are correct, but incomplete: new puzzles have been added since they were written. I plan to update them next time I make a major release.

Not exactly stuck in the very first room but:

Are you able to get through the first door without casting rezrov?

No. Or rather, if you can, it’s a bug. The first room is meant to teach you how to cast spells before you go any further.

That’s good then, I’ve been playing with this slight niggle that I’ve done something irreversible.

No worries! The game should warn you before doing anything irreversible, and it’s a bug if it doesn’t.

I believe I should be close to finishing Act 1, but I’m not sure what to do.

Here’s my think status:

You are currently contemplating the following problems:

  • acquiring 1 more spell and escaping
  • figuring out where the objects in the closet went
  • locating a Cube of Foundation

You have no spells committed to memory.

The yomin, vhelas, rezrov, gnusto, vezza, lesoch, izyuk, blorb, nitfol, serage, zifmia, and frotz spells are, however, close at hand.


I am in control of the Adventurer, have interrogated the Librarian, talked with the Astronomer and seen the Archivist. I also met a mouse, but she wasn’t very talkative.

From the Antechamber, go north, then north. Have you done anything noteworthy in that room?

If you have: you can’t go down the stairs, but someone else can

There’s a way for the Adventurer to show you what’s down, then east

You need the verb POINT [thing] [direction] (or POINT [thing] THROUGH DOOR, etc)


I was just messing around with the adventurer downstairs as I read your reply, trying to get him to do stuff inside the room there. Point did the trick, thanks!

I’m having trouble in Act 2 trying to get into the hole at the overlook. I’m not sure if I might have run into a bug or I’m just missing something obvious.

I’ve gotten the Adventurer down, and both he and the invisiclues told me to check it out myself… but I can’t. I assume I’m supposed to use the rope, but (possibly because I accidentally threw the rope down while it was still tied to adventurer and strongbox) I get a “That isn’t available” message every time I do something with it apart from examine. Is there anything I can do here? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Oops, you’ve found a bug in the ropes-between-rooms code. The intended solution is to pull the Adventurer back up, tie yourself to the rope instead, then climb down, but that seems to be impossible at the moment.

If you don’t have a save file from before the bug happened, you can use debug mode to get it back. Type CASKLY to turn debug mode on, then TELEPORT THE ROPE TO ME, then CASKLY to turn debug mode back off.

Meanwhile I’ll see if I can reproduce the bug and then start fixing it!

Got it, thanks!

No problem! You can do a lot with debug mode, but it’s also not hard to break the game completely with it. (You can also give yourself all the spells and things like that.)