Help with Scripted Scenes

I’ve been writing a short game based on ‘Will the Martian Please Stand Up?’ from the Twilight Zone. Anyhow, I want to create a scripted scene (like the one in the recipe book called Day One [the one about the lecture]). I copied the source code and edited it to my needs, but it doesn’t work. I keep getting the message that says,
“Problem. You wrote ‘repeat through Table of Conversation, say “[event entry][paragraph break]”’ : but this is a phrase which I don’t recognise, possibly because it is one you meant to define but never got round to, or because the wording is wrong (see the Phrasebook section of the Index to check). Alternatively, it may be that the text immediately previous to this was a definition whose ending, normally a full stop, is missing?”

All the relevant code is here:

[code]Every turn during Introductions: repeat through Table of Conversation, say “[text entry][paragraph break]”; blank out the whole row.
Introductions ends when the number of filled rows in the Table of Conversation is 0.

Instead of doing something other than waiting or examining during Introductions:
say “Now’s not a good time, wait 'till later.”

Table of Conversation
" ‘Trouble?’ the man behind the counter, Haley, asks when the troopers walk in.
[line break] Perry looks around the room. ‘Who’s bus is out front?’ he asks.
[line break] The busdriver puts on his cap. ‘That’d be mine, sir. Is there a problem?’
[line break] ‘The bridge up ahead has been declared temporarily
impassable. Ice floe stacked up against it. Another pound of weight and
it could be driftwood.’ says Padgett.
[line break] The driver curses under his breath. ‘That’s rough. Can’t turn around and go back. There’s a slide up there at the turn-off. Blocked the whole road.’
[line break] Haley stops wiping the counter. ‘Looks like you’re kind of marooned.’"
“[line break] Perry shrugs, ’ ‘Till morning, anyway.’ this does nothing to comfort the passengers.
[line break] The businessman slams down his newspaper. ’ ‘Till morning? I’ve got to be in a meeting in Boston at 9 am!’
[line break] 'Then you better start walking, mister, 'cause that bus stays out there till they fix the bridge. Either that, or have ‘em drop some snowshoes.’ The driver says to him.
[line break] ‘You might as well all get comfortable, get a little hot food in you.’ Perry says.”
“[line break] ‘Oh, that’s just great. That’s fine, isn’t it? Get
comfortable and get a little hot food in you. That’s precious little
consolation for missing my meeting in Boston.’ he turns to the driver, ‘That’s a fine little bus line you work for, isn’t it? They care so much about their schedules, don’t they?’
[line break] 'I wouldn’t be too hard on ‘em, mister. They have no control
over the snow, bridges, the sides of hills that decide to come down.
That’s pretty much out of their hands.’”
“[line break] Padgett grunts and scuffs his shoe.
[line break] ‘You got any idea?’ he asks Perry. He shakes his head, no. ‘[italic type]You[roman type] got any idea?’ he says this right to you. ‘We need your help. Something here isn’t right, I can feel it. Try to talk to people - figure out where they’re from, where they’re going. If you need a little assistance, you can always ASK PERRY FOR HELP. Get back to us when you figure something out.’”[/code]

Sorry if this isn’t enough information - this is my first game. I’d be happy to post more if it would be more helpful, just let me know. Thank you in advance to anyone who reads :slight_smile:

Your syntax for the “every turn during…” line was just a little bit off. Here’s how it should look:

Every turn during Introductions: repeat through Table of Conversation: say "[text entry][paragraph break]"; blank out the whole row; rule succeeds.

I also noted that you were lacking the “rule succeeds” line from the example. This is important because if you forget that, every line of the scene will print at the same time.

That worked! :mrgreen: Thank you so much!