Help with money!

I’m making a game, and I want to have a money system in it. So I looked up “money” and went to Nickle and Dimed. I copied the text exactly, but Inform’s saying:

Problem. The phrase or rule definition ‘Instead of going somewhere when the player encloses something ( called the stolen goods ) which is not owned by the player’ is written using the ‘colon and indentation’ syntax for its 'if’s, 'repeat’s and 'while’s, where blocks of phrases grouped together are indented one tab step inward from the ‘if …:’ or similar phrase to which they belong. But the tabs here seem to be misaligned, and I can’t determine the structure.

The first phrase going awry in the definition seems to be ‘if the owner of the stolen goods is not a person begin’ , in case that helps.

Please help!

It’s hard to say what’s going wrong without seeing your code. But check that you don’t have any “begin … end” phrases (since you’re using the colon/indent style) in that section of code, and make sure that the tabs are all in the right place and that they haven’t accidentally turned into spaces instead.

(By the way, this would be better off under Inform Development.)

Moved to the Inform Development section.

Ok, I changed some stuff and it all seems to be working fine now. Thanks!