Help with I7 and real time events

I’m a beginner with I7. I’m currently using both Basic Real Time by Sarah Morayati and Real Date And Time by Ron Newcomb.
I’m trying to do two things, and can’t figure out the proper syntax or if it’s even possible.

I’m trying to add a number to the seconds remaining, and then divide it by 60 to have the number come out in minutes (though the /60 is not really a deal breaker)
I figured it would be something like this:
[([seconds remaining] plus 10800) divided by 60]
but I get an error that substitutions within substitutions are not allowed. Is there anyway to do this?

I want to check the real time gap between times the player types a particular input, and trigger an event if it is greater than 20 seconds. I had a friend suggest something like:

The player’s time is a number that varies.
The player’s previous time is a number that varies.
Instead of going west:
If ([player’s time] minus [player’s previous time]) is greater than 20:
now go east;
now the player’s time is the player’s previous time;

but I’m not sure how to get this to work either.

Thank you for any help

That’s too complex to put directly into a substitution; but you can break it out into its own say rule.

To say threehourslater:
let N be seconds remaining + 10800;
let P be N / 60;
say P;

and then when you want to use it, just use the sub [threehourslater] within a text string. Say phrases are super-useful, and you should definitely get used to them!

You don’t need to use brackets in there: in the sense you’re using them, brackets are only used within text strings. In normal code you can just use the values directly. ‘If player’s time minus player’s previous time is greater than 20:’

You’re also misusing ‘now’ in the phrase ‘now go east’. ‘Now’ is used to change states of things - ‘now the monkey is in the peanut factory’, ‘now the fleas slain is the fleas slain + 1’. Going east isn’t a state of things - it’s an action. When an action’s involved, you want this instead:

try the player going east;

When the actor is the player, you can just say this.

try going east;

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help : ) things should be working.