Help with Grue IF player

Trying to get this working on Ubuntu 16.04 but I get errors when running

Use of POE::Component::IRC->new() is deprecated, please use spawn() at ./ line 36. Can't locate object method "new" via package "POE::Session" at ./ line 136. === 16007 === Sessions were started, but POE::Kernel's run() method was never === 16007 === called to execute them. This usually happens because an error === 16007 === occurred before POE::Kernel->run() could be called. Please fix === 16007 === any errors above this notice, and be sure that POE::Kernel->run() === 16007 === is called. See documentation for POE::Kernel's run() method for === 16007 === another way to disable this warning.

Can anyone help? I tried contacting the author but almost all the links are bad…

I couldn’t find any reference to this Grue IF Player (sorry).
Have you considered installing Gargoyle?

sudo apt install gargoyle


sudo apt install gargoyle-free (wich doesn’t include non free types

Grue is a Perl script ( IRC bot) for making IF playable on IRC channels/servers. I remember looking it over at one point… Think I even kludged it into working order at some point. I’ll dig through my files. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. Thanks for the info.

Just to check, you made sure you have dfrotz running, correct? Did you use cpan to install all the Perl modules you’ll need?

Attached is the hacked together modifications version of that I kludged out to make it work on my system. I’m also attaching the original as so you can run a diff to see what I changed. You should be able to copy it into your existing unzipped grue folder, modify the irc server/nick/etc settings, and see how it goes.

Hope it works for you. Good luck :slight_smile: (16.1 KB)

And for those wondering, the link to the original IRC bot:

If anyone figures out how to get ahold of Robert Lorentz, I’d be happy to send him my changes. :slight_smile: