Help with coming up with a species name

For school we had to cut up pictures of animals and then put them together to make one animal. I combined an elk, red tailed hawk, snake, jackrabbit, moth, cat, iguana, and duck.

(it looks so bad :sob:)

Usually animals are based on their looks, but I literally can’t think of what to call it because it has so many animals combined together. Some general stuff about them is that they eat vegetation, fruits, fungi, and occasionally nuts. They live in temperate forests and create herds of 15-40 individuals. To make up for their weak smell, they have moth antennae which can be used to pick up pheromones and certain scents. Spikes are a defense mechanism, like a stegosaurus. They are flightless. Their wings can be spread out to scare away predators to make themselves look bigger, and can be used in courtship displays.


North Aquatic Woodmoth?


I think it looks great!! :heart: Adorable yet majestic.

That’s certainly a tricky one. Maybe it could be named after something that it does, instead of what it looks like? Or maybe even named after what its call sounds like?
If it’s large (like deer-sized) then I could see it being named after deer, since the overall silhouette is pretty deer-like.

I could also definitely see the name having something like “Northern” in it! Other possibilities: “greater/lesser”, or even just the name of the scientist who discovered it — all of those would work best if there are other similar species.

The common names of real species can be weird and even confusing (often evolving randomly as non-scientists encounter and observe them over decades/centuries), so I don’t think you can really go wrong with your fictional name! If a spider, a fly and a harvestman can all be named “daddy-longlegs”, your creature should be allowed to be called whatever it wants. :laughing:


I’m a sucker for this generator (and all the others on that website) :stuck_out_tongue:


The duck-billed antler-hawk?


well, is very similiar to a Chimera, but is so varied like a platypus, so, Chimera Ornithorhynchus look vaguely consistent with Linneus’s methology.

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I’m reminded of the infamous Jackalope

If you were a kid in North America in the 80s, you might remember The Wuzzles

Back to the question at hand… man, you got a whole wack of stuff going on there. Piergiorgio is spot on about the creature being a chimera, which usually encompasses any mishmash of creatures.

I would just give it the name of someone you don’t like. Any name will do though. Try… the North American Two-Faced Todd, the Michigan Yellow Bellied Greg. Then you get to refer to it as Greg (or whomever) throughout the text of your essay, easily guaranteeing you an “A” because the teacher marking this crazy assignment will undoubtedly need a good chuckle. You could also mention the animals it might prey upon or vice versa. Like, Gregs are always on the lookout for the dreaded South Dakota Stripped Steves, avoiding them at all costs. Gregs stay in their burrows until night fall when re-runs of Star Trek air (the Stripped Steve’s favourite TV show).