help with Chlorophyll

I am stuck and about to give up! It feels like I’m pretty late in the game, as I’ve already frobnicated two of the three doodads. I even managed to do the thing, with the thing that supposedly it said you couldn’t but then I totally could! (I had to peek a bit for that one. Don’t know if I would ever have figured it out otherwise.) And it rewarded me with a thing, rather unexpectedly, which presumably I’m meant to use for the thing, only I haven’t actually found it yet. I mean I did get past the whatever and found the place, and it kinda feels like plot should be ensuing, but it… isn’t? There is nothing and no one there. I mean except for the thing, obviously, and the thing and the thing, but they all seem to be empty and useless. Am I missing something obvious? Is there a bug? I fear there might be a bug, even though I probably just missed something. (Even after peeking some more.) I will see if I can figure out how to attach a transcript. This game is terrific, I love it, I really want to finish it, badly enough to post on a forum apparently, which is saying something. Couldn’t find contact information in the game on on IFDB.
20150216 Chlorophyll transcript.txt (203 KB)

Your post is by itself an amazingly captivating blurb for the game. Makes me want to play it.

I was pretty stumped by that too, so I checked the walkthrough because I have no compunctions about checking walkthroughs. Here’s a “directing your attention” kind of hint.

It’s a walk-in cooling unit

Oh my goodness! Thank you for the hint. That was the right hint.