Help with Begegnung am fluss

I’m completely lost in the forest, and I have some branches. I’ve tried climbing, listening, dropping branches, etc. How can I get out?

I’ve figured out that step, but I’m stuck in the combat.

Okay, so I figured it out, too.

For the forest

You have to put the sticks in the earth.

For the man:

You need to speak to the man and fight him alternately

For the ending:

You need to talk a lot.

Something about this makes me irrationally happy: a request for help solving an obscure German game that placed 36th in the 2001 IF Comp, written in an obscure-but-surprisingly-popular German IF language I had never heard of before; and then, like the classy netizen he is, the OP comes back to update the thread when he figures out the correct solution.

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