Help with Basic Help menu

I’m having issue where the cursor doesn’t move on the first first menu. here’s the code: Understand “h” as asking for help.

The help request rule is not listed in any rulebook.

Carry out asking for help:
now the current menu is the Table of Elsegar Help Center;
carry out the displaying activity;
clear the screen;
try looking;
stop the action.

Table of Elsegar Help Center
title subtable description
“Instructions” Table of Instruction Options –
“Hints” Table of Hints –
“Settings” Table of Setting Options –

Table of Hints
title subtable description toggle
“How do I open the cabin door?” – “Use the crowbar and do something violent to the door with it.” hint toggle rule
“Why is it so dark in here?” – “You need to light something you use to make fires.” hint toggle rule
“How do I open the labyrinth?” – “Kind the key.” hint toggle rule
“How do I breath underwater?” – “Make an Elixir of Water Breathing.” hint toggle rule
“How do I enter the well?” – “Enter well.” hint toggle rule
“How do I defeat the shadowbeak?” – “The same way you opened the cabin door.” hint toggle rule
“How do I get out of the labyrinth?” – “Your on your own.” hint toggle rule

While not quite a direct answer, I’d recommend using Menus by Dannii Willis or Basic Help Menu by Wade Clarke instead.

Both of these use a single keypress to directly activate a specific item, rather than needing to move a cursor around separately.

The latter is a more direct port of Basic Help Menu (though you’ll probably want to tweak your story text a bit when using it). The former has a few extra nice features, such as avoiding clearing the main story window while the menu is open.

Just found a solution, just remove toggle from hints.