Help with An Adventurer's Backyard

I’m at 19/25 points. I think I must be flaking.

Fly on flypaper = 2
fly to spider = 1
chop planks = 2
get locket = 3
get meteorite = 3
get frisbee = 2
get envelope with $100

I’m having trouble with the cat.

HINT CAT says the cat should be on the sofa & ends there. HINT COLLAR redirects to the cat. Apparently I need to get the diamond collar.

Also, do I need to do anything with the frisbee?

I’ve thrown it off the roof, but nothing happens. I’ve tried throwing it with the cat around, even though frisbees are probably more for dogs.

There’s no way to gently hint this:


Tip: You can sometimes cheat using the debug menu in the ADRIFT runner.

Thanks for the in-game and debug tips! Yes, I tried something similar. Ouch. But it’s neat to see Adrift’s guts, so to speak. It explains things I’d seen in other games, and I have a game I want to go back to, now.

Oh, I won the game after that. It was just a matter of tracking everything I’d done. Yay!

I’m stuck too…Where is the envelope? And how did you get the last 3 points?

Nevermind, I answered my first question by reading ASchultz’s blog review, and the second question by using the debugger…I thought it was a little anticlimactic that the rose wasn’t worth anything after disposing of the spider. I didn’t think to look in the vase after taking the rose!