Help with Amnesia!

Hello, I recently discovered the IF world and I’m liking it!
At the moment I’m playing Amnesia (1986) and i’m stuck because the character’s energy keeps droping all the time.
Of course I comand him to eat and sleep (enough), but his energy level doesn’t last very long as much as for me to play 5 or 6 commands and then he falls unconscious again.
Do you have any advice for me?

I’m afraid you’ve probably run up against the most difficult puzzle in the game - trying to stay alive in this simulated Manhattan while investigating the plot.

I have no idea how to help you, as I ran into the same barrier. I would welcome some way of cheating my way through the simulationism, by either keeping my energy permanently at max, keeping it from ever going to zero, or slowing down the rate at which it decreases.

And if you do find a workable strategy, do let us know. :wink:

Incidently, I suppose it’s possible that the frantic rate at which energy drops is to ensure the player spends that part of the game getting money and surviving, and that it slows down later. I wouldn’t know, but it’s possible, and only experimentation will tell.

I didn’t know this game could be won. I assumed that the designers just hated IF players really bad.

That being said, I can imagine that it’d be extremely satisfying to beat.

Appropriately enough for Amnesia, I don’t remember any details, but I played it when it first came out and I’m pretty sure that I was able to finish it – so, if memory serves (as far as it goes), the game can be completed.

Sorry I can’t help at all when it comes to how.

Robert Rothman

Amnesia! I recently played and solved that game, and no it was NOT easy!

What I did in regards to your problem was simply eat a lot, especially before beginning a big task. You can get a lot of money via begging (but save first each time because a cop will sometimes catch you and haul you off to jail) to pay for all those meals. Bigger meals give you more energy. Later on in the game there is a house you stay at that you can eat the meals there for free and that was a big help too. My mistake at first was thinking sleeping was what mainly kept your energy up when in fact it’s meals that actually do the bulk of that.

Hope that helps a little.

Well, thanks for that. :slight_smile: When I get back to the game - and it seemed too good not to come back - I’ll certainly keep that in mind.