Help - What is this old game??


I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with this…

I am desperately trying to find an old text adventure I used to play when I was a kid around 20 years a go. I thought it was called “Adventure Play” and I’m sure I used to play it on the Sinclair QL, but according to some google searches, no such game existed!

From memory it began in a room where you had to eat a dodgy pizza and a pink door appeared out of nowhere, if you went through the door you were transported into the fantasy land of the game. The premise was solving people’s problems: getting someone out of a maze, and dealing with a recluse in the library of an old house etc… Every time you solved a problem a bell tolled in the distance. At the top of the bell tower was a “magic door”. I think that must be near the end of the game, but I could never get through it.

Some of the stuff you had to do was put a plank down between a tree and a window of the house to get in, though this then “jumped up and splintered into a million pieces” so you had then had to get in and out via a rope I think. There was also a message hidden in a vase which said something like “eye of toad and wing of bat, for magic doors you need just that”. There was a hedge maze near the begining, a prisoner, a recluse. That’s about all I can remember.

I remember this game being brilliant, but I was about 8 at the time so it may well be terrible!

Does this sound familiar to anyone at all? It’s really annoying not being able to find it!

Many thanks


I went to the site I was about to advise you to go to, and found the game: … ytime.html

  • Wade


Pretty sure that’s the one. Now to find a download…

Thank you :smiley: