Help us test the mobile version of Cryptozookeeper!

I’ve been working with Robb Sherwin to bring his modern classic Cryptozookeeper to mobile devices. We are almost finished with the Android version and we’d like a couple of people with Android devices (phones or tablets) to give it a go. Our budget is effectively zero but testers get the game for free. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played the game before or not, we’re mainly interested in confirming that it works on a wide array of devices.

iOS version for iPhones and iPads is also on its way, but it’s not playable yet. If you want to participate but only have an Apple device, you can still sign up now and we’ll let you know when the iOS version is available. I’ll also post a new call here.

If you’re interested, send me a private message here with your email address or send mail directly to cryptozookeeper (at) and I’ll reply with a link to the beta version. Thanks!


Cryptozookeeper is written in Hugo, right? Could you tell what technology you are using to bring it to mobile?

My guess is the HugoJS interpreter with Cordova or Capacitor. Or is it something totally different?

It’s not strictly on topic, but I’m curious.

It’s quite interesting in fact. You can compile C code in Android and iOS, so the game engine itself is the original Hugo interpreter with hooks to interact through Java with a React Native based frontend, which is basically Javascript that in turn builds the user interface using native Java elements (or Objective-C in iOS.) I basically just took the HugoJS engine and replaced the custom code with Android-specific stuff. It’s really fast and lets us modify the interpreter in just about every possible way. But it’s not strictly based on HugoJS and not a full Javascript hybrid app (it involves no HTML whatsoever.)


The iOS version is now available for testing. If anyone with an iPhone or an iPad is up for it, let me know. The app will be released to public in a couple of weeks. Thanks everyone!