Help tracking down Spring Thing alumni

Starting with this year’s Spring Thing, an “Alumni’s Choice” ribbon will be awarded, with nominations made by anyone who’s previously entered the Thing. I’m trying to pull together a list of e-mail addresses to invite alumni to participate. I’m still looking for contact info for the people below: if you’re on this list, or know how to get hold of someone who is, please PM me! :slight_smile:

Kathleen M. Fischer
Anssi Raisanen
Matthew Carey
John “Doppler” Schiff
Joel Ray Holveck
David Whyld
Eva Vikström
Robert Street
C. Henshaw
Brandi Wilcox
Josh Graboff
Sean M. Shore
Janos Honkonen
Scott Greig
Adam Holbrook
Jackson Palmer

You can PM David Whyld on this board, he’s very active.

Hmm, “alumni”… I like the sound of that :slight_smile:

Sean M. Shore is Mr. Patient on this board, he’s probably PMable too.

If you’re still looking, I believe Janos Honkonen’s address is in his game. I know I was able to contact him. It’d be too bad if his blog contact form isn’t working any more. shows sgrieg’s been on here. I think he isw/as on the Quest boards too. shows Janoshon

So you could use both of these to try to PM.

Thanks to everyone for your help! :slight_smile: