Help! Requiring an object to enter a room

Here’s my issue. I have a well. You can enter it by going “down” or simply “D”. But I want it blocked unless you have a certain object. Like a rope! I decided to avoid all the stuff about ropes in the manual because i’m a noob and I better take things slow until I learn everything. So i’d rather just somehow write around it.

In order to go “Down” the well, I need commands that will block it unless i’m carrying the “rope”. Thanks and cheers!

What language are you writing in?

in English

He meant which programming language are you writing in. (Answer: Inform 7.) But this topic just a duplicate of this one, right?

never mind sorry. I figured it out. I wasn’t using Tabs! and yeah i’m using Inform 7. Yeah duplicate. I accidently put one in the wrong place I think. First time poster, sorry about that.