Help requested to get me back on track taking up Inform7

I learned Inform7 reasonably well in 2009, but then I unfortunately put everything on the shelf. Now I want to come back and refresh and relearn, and I need to start from the beginning and work my way up again, though most things are still familiar more or less.

The major 2014 revisions of I7 raise some question and problems.

I worked through Jim Aikin’s Inform7 Handbook, and also Aaron Reed’s book thoroughly back then. How useful are they today? Are they still good for studying and learning, and is it easy to solve compiling errors due to the revision of I7 by just looking them up and seeing how to handle them in the new documentation?

Are there any good and educational articles written on the most important aspects of the new I7?

Should I study the last two changes logs carefully? The major one is a little bit daunting… (By the way, the changes logs in the EPUB format seem not to be available at; the page is not found.)

In my 2009 version of I7 I found the chapter review at the end of each chapter of the Writing with Inform documentation to be extremely useful, not to say invaluable. I printed them out and studied them carefully over and over. In the new I7 there are no such summaries. Is there a reason why (besides perhaps lack of time), and does anyone know if there will be summaries in a coming update? Hopefully soon.

I suppose that all of these things have already been discussed and written on, and I’d be very grateful for any tips and links to posts and material that would help me get back on track.

They are still useful. There have been some small changes in syntax, which you should be able to work out by looking at the index information in the IDE. The big changes (which are worth adopting) are the new response system (which replaces the old Default Messages extensions) and the fact that “indexed text” is no longer a separate thing. So skip over those sections of the old documentation, and you’re basically covered.

Yes, that sucks.

I think they wound up seeming both redundant and incomplete. The new General Index of the built-in documentation does a good job of pointing you at relevant parts of the manual. (I hope.)

Thank you very much! That should get me going. If anyone has more to add, please do.

The changes that have been made, for the most part, make the language better, even if it breaks a few things doing it the old way. Don’t miss the new Index, which updates itself as relevant to your game, and takes the frustration out of unlisting rules and rewriting default messages.