Help Please: Menu-Based Conversations

My first post here and my first day trying to learn Inform 7 - hurray me!

The title of this post says it all really…

I learn by seeing, so i’ve been watching a lot of youtube tutorial’s and things were going well. I’ve set up my first room’s, added item’s, description’s, scenery, doors and even an NPC.

The NPC is my issue. Using the not visited command, the NPC responds how i want her to, asking the player a yes/no question. (although it was asked in description).

I want the player to be able to press 1 for yes and 2 for no.

Right now i’ve made the NPC infuriating, she won’t allow you to move until you answer her, which will transition her from the not-ready to ready status (If i’m figuring it all out correctly.)

But after spending hours upon hours looking online, things just don’t make sense to me.

I’ve downloaded the Michael Martin Quip based conversation extention, installed it (I think) but then i have no idea how to implement it.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated, please steer my sinking ship in the direction of dry land.

On a side note: There need to be more tutorial video’s, for the likes of me who learn best from watching instead of reading.

For yes/no, there’s is a built in way to do it. “if the player consents”

After examining the receptionist for the first time: say "She looks up from her work. 'May I help you?'"; if the player consents: say "She asks your name, then scribbles it on a clipboard. 'Okay, you're on the schedule to see Mr. Dithers.'"; otherwise: say "She eyes you strangely, wondering why you are taking up space in her waiting room."

This will print her first line and then a prompt, and if the player doesn’t answer will prompt “Please answer yes or no.” until they do. The player can also type Y or N.

For more intricate menu based (with number selection) conversations, I’m quite partial to AW Freyr’s “Hybrid Choices” extension. I used it extensively in Fair if you want to check that out.

thanks for the info - i’m going to give both a try.