Help out an online interactive narrative experiment!

Some of my colleagues at UC Santa Cruz are running a study related to their work in interactive story and dialogue generation systems. I just did it, and it’s a cool and fun way to pass 45 minutes or so (while doing science!) Details below:

I’d be happy to participate, but how would you define ‘expert’ writers? And is it just expert writers that they’re looking for now?

I think in this context that just means “people who’ve thought about writing interactive narratives before.” The study is explicitly open to anyone, so I wouldn’t worry about qualifications. :slight_smile:

Is the email to the second survey automated, or does one of the researchers do it by hand? (As in, should I have gotten one by now if I filled out the first survey last night?)

I’ve authored several games. However, I’m usually more focused on the programming side of things. Would it be worth me doing the survey?

I did the survey as soon as you posted about it. When do you think I will see the gift code? Just wondering.

That was pretty fun. Now awaiting the survey.

The survey involves writing dialogue, so it depends if you feel happy doing that.

I believe the follow-up survey and gift code will be sent out by hand (I haven’t gotten mine yet either). Not sure whether this will happen Tuesday (first business day back) or when the survey closes, but in the latter case it should be no more than a few days later.

I’m not really fan of writing dialogue. That’s a shame, I would have done it otherwise. Hope it goes well though!

Am I the only one who completed these surveys? And my follow-up question is, am I the only one who never got the supposed gift code?


Nor did I.

So, I was able to obtain this email to inquire about our gift codes:

I wrote this person inquiring about our payments. If you wanna do the same, there’s the email.

Hi all. Sorry for anyone who feels upset or misled about this. When I was asked to pass the word along about the survey, the impression I got was that the gift card thing would happen right away. Apparently things are moving at the typically lethargic university pace instead. Anyway I probably shouldn’t have vouched for anything without being directly involved with the project, and I’m sorry I don’t have any more info to pass along. The e-mail address above does go to the lead researcher, so maybe some friendly nudges can get things moving.

Not upset, just curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the message!

Just heard back from them. We should hear something “in the next few days”.

Just got my gift code!

me 2, lol