Help on Layout of Parchment

Alright, I understand that Parchment is only compatible to version 5 and 8 of the zmachine file… However, how do you set up the interpreter to play the base64 file of the story file (ie macbeth.z5.js) to be read in Parchment? I am at my wits end. It’s like I set up the file to read the z5 code on the latest parchment, but yet it doesn’t even want to connect to the javascript file at all. I keep the base64 file as in the interpreter folder… I might need to do some presets for the index and the player html file… If so, how do I set that up? For future references, please show what I need to do for both z5 and z8 files if anyone can show me how to do this. I am using file btw from Dannii’s Parchment website.

You’ll need to add code like this to the html:

<script> parchment_options = { default_story: [ "interpreter/story.z5", "interpreter/story.z5.js" ], lib_path: 'interpreter/', lock_options: 1, lock_story: 1, page_title: 0 }; </script>

See this page for more info on the options:

Thanks Dannii! You the best! It’s always a treat to get info from the developer of a platform! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

and that works with version 8 storyfiles too?

Yes, version 8 is identical other than setting a different address multiplier.

I was wondering, due to lay out of the status line with score and moves already inputed out of the box with ZILF (and thank you Jesse aka vaporware for pointing out how to custom the status line easy peasy), which over-carries into a small part of the line… Not that it makes it unplayable, but for aesthetic reasons, it doesn’t look pretty. Is there a way truncate the css files without rendering the Parchment terp useless due to this reason? I remember playing around with it ages ago and I was very successful but now I am just not getting anywhere. >.<

That shouldn’t be happening. The game should be detecting the correct width. But to debug it I’ll need a URL to test it myself.

It’s offline from the browser itself, what I think might be is the css read out of the Inform 7 export, due that I deleted the original story file and replaced with the interpreter read out of the base64 javascript and the original z5 file. I might have to look into the window width of the right hand table or even expand the Parchment window itself… I am sure it might be feasible that way and the most direct.