Help needed with a certain <LibMsg>, Inform7

Hey people.

I can’t seem to find the right LibMsg for this kind of report:

>E (first getting off the chair) I can't go that way.

Anyone? I need to know the exact LibMsg and the “group” it is in with (the “first getting off etc”).
Also, it would be perfect to know where to find those LibMsg, like all of them, so that i don’t have to ask again for a similar necessity.

Thanks a lot for the usual help.

The closest thing I can find is library message that prints “You can’t go that way.” I’m looking at a large list of library messages in Aaron Reed’s book and I can’t find one that prints “I” instead of “You”.

No, sorry. My problem is with the implict action (first etc etc)

Look at the Custom Library Messages extension.

Great! Thank you!

Mmmmh. Now I have a singular problem.

I’m trying to correct and complete the Italian translation of Inform7 by Massimo Stella.
The extension uses David Fisher’s Custom Library Messages, which seems obsolete.
I’m not really into starting the job from scratch, and this is my problem:

In Ron Newcomb’s CLM, it looks like there are additional Library Messages. Especially in section “2.10 - Implicit actions”. The last two (reports about getting off/out of when GOING) are missing in the CLM by Fisher. I’d need to know how to name those LibMsg, but there is nowhere to find…
I keep getting the “(first getting off etc”) message because I can’t substitute a line in a table that I don’t know how to name.

Any insight on this? I hope I just don’t have to start from scratch. I’ve been working for days on the old extension… :frowning:

You would have to add two additional lines at the end of the include marked by the comment [*** Go ***] around line 2339, one for message 27 and one for message 28. (See Parser.i6t, the revelant portion of which reads 27: print "(first getting off ", (the) x1, ")^"; say__p = 0; return; 28: print "(first opening ", (the) x1, ")^"; say__p = 0; return; Unfortunately, those includes aren’t split up into sections, so making that replacement may not be so clean.

Then you would have to append corresponding entries to the Table of Library Messages using whatever LibMsg names you invented for the I6 changes.

Keep in mind we’ve been told that Custom Library Messages is being integrated into Inform with the next release. It’s unknown to what extent things are going to be different in terms of implementation. But that means whatever you are doing might be changing out from under you, perhaps even for the better.

I know but there is no release date in the horizon, yet. And I’m not going to stop just a step to the finish Line :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, eu. I solved it.
Erm… you did. So: How am I going to credit you? “eu” or “Brady Garvin”? Is that your name?


That is my name, but I’m pretty sure you’re the one who solved it. I just pointed you to some lines of code.