Help needed for Theatre...even WITH the walk-thru

Hi all,
i need a little help for Theatre… can’t find the last pearl even WITH the walk-thru!

Theatre is a wonderful game imho, I spent countless hours off and on. Can’t seem to find the last pearl though.

At my wits end, I read “theatre.step”, the famous walk-through. No dice. Even played it from scratch following the walk, but either I’m clumsier than I thought I could be or there is a little mistake in the walk.

Tried to “connect” from my saved game to a point in the walk just before or just after the finding of “blue”, but no can do.
I always hit the “you can’t go there” at the crucial point.

Can’t remember I ever met a bookcase , chain and nest (except the Rat’s Nest) in the game… and somewhere around there is the blue pearl!

And do I need to get on the chandelier?

Here’s the part of the walk:

put lens in spotlight
get lens, ticket
U, E, N
push chandelier
drop ticket
E, E, U <- can’t go there
go chandelier
NW. get all
S, W, N
get page
S, S, N <- where is this? guest star room?
unhook chain
push bookcase
S. examine nest
get blue
W, U

Rather silly I can’t find it, but I promise: I’ll be a good boy and play GlowGrass after this game, because it has a tutorial.



Hi EJ,

[spoiler]Yeah, the reason you’re stuck is because you evidently haven’t been on the chandelier yet.

It is by using the chandelier to cross from the upper east balcony of the theatre (my name for the room may not be precise) to the upper west one that will get you access to the area with the bookshelves and the chain.

Perhaps scan back earlier in the walkthrough and see if you can find some commands like ‘push chandelier’ or ‘swing chandelier’ — that’s the part you need to revisit. And before that, I recall you have to ‘release’ the chandelier or something, by doing something up in the roof.

Hope this sorts you out.

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Hi, and thanks!

Yes I will check your game, nice move!