Help move Textfyre SVN repo to Github

I could use some help. I have a subversion repo with 4 corrupt revisions. I need to get those removed/cleaned up, and get a dev-name replaced (long story) and then I plan to import the entire history (700+ revisions) to Github.

Volunteers welcome. My understanding is that with some python scripting, this can be done…but it’s beyond me.

David C.

GitHub can import from an SVN repo: … ubversion/

You might want to just start there and experiment.

I already tried that. Github import only works if all the revisions are clean. With four corrupt revisions, it fails. Hence the request to help clean up those revisions.

Is the revision history important to be available in Git? You could start with clean repos in Github and upload the full zipped subversion repo to IF Archive for future historians.

That is option B. Still hoping option A works out.