Help me find a suitable game

I’ve been approached by some Dutch people who want to use IF in the classroom for a specific project. Obviously, there isn’t much Dutch IF (there’s my De baron, but that is not very suitable in this case), but perhaps it would be possible to find a good English piece and translate it.

So I’m wondering if anyone has some suggestions for one or more games that fit the following criteria:

  • Choice-based rather than parser based.
  • Suitable for a 12-13 years old age group.
  • Playing it takes approximately an hour.
  • In terms of theme, if it could fit in with the current Dutch book week theme of “madness” that would be nice; but this is of decidedly secondary importance.

(Non-commercial is probably also better than commercial, since it would increase the chances that the author would agree to let other people make a translation.)

Witch’s Girl, by Geoff Moore/mostly useless?

There’s also Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House, by Mark Marino, but it’s only an introduction, and it’s aimed at a younger audience.

Thanks, I’ll check it out! I don’t think it needs to specifically cater to a young audience, by the way, but on the other hand, it shouldn’t be The Baron or Encyclopedia Fuckme.

If we’re allowed to submit our own work, my ShuffleComp game Out the Window is a choice-based IF that is suitable for preteens, playable in under an hour, and sorta about madness, kinda.

Also, I remember Magical Makeover being pretty all-ages, although it’s been a while. Do you want something that’s close to being exactly an hour in playtime, or would something that plays way less than that do?