Help, I'm stuck in "So Far"!

I’m playing Andrew Plotkin’s “So Far” and I’m completely stuck at the following point:

I’m in the “dank black” world where you’re in total darkness, following a bunch of annoying sounds around – plipping, crashing, thudding, etc. I know that following a specific sound “unlocks” areas that you can’t go to otherwise, but even though I’ve tried following many of the sounds I can’t seem to find the way out (the silent place). I know how to ward off the evil chord thing, so that’s not a problem… I just can’t find my way to the exit.

I’ve tried googling, but there don’t seem to be any actual walkthroughs of “So Far” – just some hints that don’t state precisely how to get through, which I’m afraid is what I need at this point. All the plipping/plopping has become a bit much for my sanity.

Can anyone help?

So Far is a great game, one of my favorites, but it’s been years since I’ve played it. However, I’m almost certain that I used a walkthrough! It seems that there’s a solution at the IF Archive, which has a step-by-step walkthrough after general advice for each section: