Help identify this story

I remember playing this game, probably on a Commodore 64 back in the days. Possibly with text and still images.

All I remember (accurately or not) was that the story was set in some European city in the alps, there was a cable car I think, and some hotel or something? The one memory that has any level of detail was that early on the phone rang (in a phone booth I think) and a voice said something in an Arnold Schwarzenegger-style accent: “We haff our eye on you. Leaf town or it’s curtains!”

I’ve tried to figure out what game this is, but so far no luck. Does anybody here know?

Would it be The Alpine Encounter?

Hi Peter, I thought you found it there for a while - it does seem very similar in setting, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same game.

Thanks anyway.

Wouldn’t be Border Zone, would it?

Oh man, that description sounds eerily familiar. My turn to go hunting for the game.

Also: gotta go play The Alpine Encounter again. Memories!

It’s definitely, positively Valkyrie 17 - which was released for the C64 and Speccy.

The game tape’s B side came with a hilarious recording of a spy on the run from a killer, setting the scene for the game.