Help finding old IF (or graphic adventure?)


I used to play a game on a Atari 2600. It was text based but did have simple EGA(maybe VGA) graphics. You played an alien on a spaceship. There was a supply room with important objects to get, I do remember 2 or 3 different colored screwdrivers being there. There was a control room with a teleporter you could use to visit different planets, one being a jungle planet. On this planet the goal was seemingly to get lost then eaten by some wild alien monster… or at least thats what always happened to me :slight_smile:

That is all I remember. I was 7 or so at the time, so this was in the early eightes. My older brother owned the 2600 and was a member of an Atari club at his high school that had a large library of software and games. We got to copy as many as we wanted :slight_smile:


Haven’t visited the forum in ages, so I didn’t see this until now.

This question would have a greater chance of finding an answer over at . You could also try to search for the game in their database.


There are a lot of details here that don’t add up. The Atari 2600 has a resolution of 192x160, pretty far from VGA (640x480). Also, the Atari 2600 doesn’t have a keyboard, so a text-based game would be pretty odd. I just saw your comment about copying games, so you must be talking about an Atari computer, not the 2600 console. I’ll do some more digging.

Wait – are we talking about Starcross?