Not sure if this is the right spot to post this, so I hope I haven’t already made a mistake! :unamused:

Anyways, I’m relatively new to the IF world. I have tried my hand at a couple text-adventure type games in the past, mainly hard-coding everything in ancient languages like Visual Basic 6 ( Don’t ask, my young-hobby-programmer days were dark :confused: ), but that was years ago. I’ve recently been reminded of how awesome this genre of games is, and have begun work on a small project currently titled “Storm the Gates”. Ive got a couple ideas of bigger games I want to do, but for now I’m keeping it relatively small so that I can learn my platform.

Anyways, I just figured I’d introduce myself. I look forward to meeting and talking with some of you, and I’m sure this community will be a great source of inspiration and help for me! Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be skilled enough to give back, as well.


There’s a part called ‘Introducing Yourself’ on the forum, above your post. Anyways. hello, and I hope that you enjoy meeting and talking with us here on the forums! And I hope that your project can be finished soon! XD

Yeah, I noticed that shortly after my post was accepted xD I’m hoping this won’t take me too long, but I’m also still working out the plot, and have only just begin designing the puzzles I want for this game. We’ll see how well my plan goes :stuck_out_tongue: