Hello People, My intro and a question about Agility

I wanted to write IF since I was in pre-puberty in the 80ies but, except for some little efforts at it in early adolescence with GWBasic I couldn’t get around to realize my dream; until early 2000s when I finally started coding a game.

I designed and coded my game for around two years and then, at around 70% completion, filed it until now. Now that I’ve returned to this scene I will like to know whatever you may want to tell me about your thoughts/feelings on the interpreter known as MAGX (Make Adventure Game toolkit eXtended)… if any.

I say if any because I know that although (from my personal point of view) it’s very good, I know that isn’t among the top, most popular like Z-Machine, Tadz and Alan and AGT.

Do you think you can make a MAGX game executable? Do you think it’s possible to port it to, say, Z-Machine? Whatever info tidbits on the line of this two questions will be greatly appreciated since this isn’t a topic easy to find on the web, at least on google/yahoo/m$'s web.

Thanking you in advanced,
Lex Taylor

Gargoyle includes the Glk port of Agility, which supports the AGT/AGX formats. There are other variants on ifarchive, notably David Kinder’s Windows port.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Thanks for the info on Gargoyle, I didn’t know about that interpreter… anyhow, I think that you didn’t get my point. I know that sounds far-fetched but the thing I’m looking for is a soft that could port the MAGx code to z-machine/inform (so i can host my game on the web). I should stop dreaming, because I think hardly a soft like that exists. I’m guessing the only way to convert it to inform is re-writing the 11000 of code in Inform from the ground up :unamused: :unamused:

Yeah, I don’t think such software exists. (Actually, I don’t even know if converters exist for, say, C to Python. Writing such software would be a technical nightmare.)