Hello all

My name is Bob from SE Florida, USA and I picked this forum because it seems to have 1) A good number of people and posts, 2) A friendly vibe, and 3) Lots of posts in the Inform section.

I’m 56 (today actually!) and have used computers since DOS 1.0. My career has mostly been computer related including network tech but I left that and now am a librarian.

I’m also a musician playing mainly guitar and lately bass, and a variety of styles.

Anyway, I played some of the old Infocom stuff back in the day and have played some of those again over the last year. Also, I played around with AGT a bit but that was when it was already out of date. I stumbled on all the current IF activity and that got me interested to write a game/story of my own.

After some research, I think that Inform 7 will be my platform of choice, although the other main ones were very tempting. I’ll mostly be lurking about but may need help at some point (don’t we all) so I say “Thanks” in advance. I’ve already learned quite a bit from this forum.